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Essentials of Care Management Training


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Effective care management is a key driver to quality care, lower costs, and increased patient and provider satisfaction. At HealthTeamWorks we've learned a dedicated resource for care management allows for targeted interventions to accelerate cost and quality objectives. In this training, Care Managers will acquire skills for integrating into the care team, establishing and implementing care management processes, tools, and resources, and educating and activating patients to adequately address their health care needs.

Essentials of Care Management is a comprehensive learning path—a series of 15 courses - designed for care managers in medical practices and clinically integrated networks. Whether the care manager is new to the position or needs additional training, this learning path will boost value and enhance effectiveness.

  • What's included in this training:

    Do you have a team that could benefit from comprehensive care manager training? We offer a range of flexible learning modes to set the pace and schedule that’s right for you. Contact us at:

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  • 15 Online Courses in the Learning Path:

    Defining Care Management • Identifying Candidates for Care Management • Managing the Health of the Population • The Role of Maslow's Hierarchy in Care Management • Identifying Patients for Episodic Care Management • Exchanging Data with Target Facilities • Patient Assessment and Documentation for Episodic Care Management • Introduction to Processes and Workflows • Identifying Patients for Longitudinal Care Management • Enrollment, Assessment, and Documentation for Longitudinal Care Management • Developing Your Processes and Workflows • Balancing Panel Size • Establishing the Patient Relationship • An Introduction to Teach-Back and Motivational Interviewing • Collaborative Care Plan Development

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About the training

"Care managers are a vital part of the health team, but knowing where to start, which patients to enroll, how to actively engage patients in self-management, and ultimately how to impact value-based outcomes, can be daunting. This training program guides participants to achieve measurable success."

- Kristi Bohling-DaMetz, Chief Executive Officer, HealthTeamWorks

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