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NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) designed its recognition process for the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) to help practices define the standards for PCMH structure and articulate the necessary change processes. Many practices and organizations choose to evolve into PCMHs to capitalize on opportunities for compensation, as several private payers and state Medicaid programs recognize and reward medical homes through care coordination fees, increased payment for evaluation and management services, or quality and outcome bonuses. Process changes must take place for workflow and increased efficiency, but culture change also is pivotal, including:

  • A transition from physician-oriented focus to a patient-centric focus
  • Activating patients’ engagement with their health and wellness
  • Establishing the primary care provider as a first point of contact for care

Adoption of this model requires visionary leadership, communication with and education of the staff, management of the practice’s entire patient population and, most importantly, the ability to manage change as a team. Our NCQA-PCMH Certified Content Experts guide this transformation, regardless of a practice’s starting point. HealthTeamWorks is uniquely qualified to offer a specially designed learning series for practices and organizations interested in pursuing NCQA recognition.

The PCMH Recognition Learning Program includes:

NCQA Patient-Centered Specialty Practice Recognition

Providing specialty practices the tools, experience, and capacity to make the changes necessary to improve patient care and outcomes.

HealthTeamWorks has provided coaching services, resources and support to practices, groups and networks with the goals of achieving National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) recognition and providing the tools and capacity to help practices make the changes necessary to improve patient care and outcomes.

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) initially designed its recognition process for the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) to help define the standards to improve quality to thousands of practices. This recognition has been extended to the many active specialist physicians, who previously were not eligible, but have a similar commitment and should be recognized for providing high quality patient-centered care.

Specialty practices choose to receive the NCQA Patient-Centered Specialty Practice (PCSP) recognition to capitalize on opportunities for compensation, such as achieve the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) requirements, which can impact potential MIPS incentives and penalties for eligible physicians applied to Medicare Part B payments. Additionally, NCQA PCSP Recognition is qualified as an approved improvement activity and recognized practices will automatically earn full-credit under the composite performance score (CPS) component.

HealthTeamWorks provides practices seeking PCSP recognition extremely quality personnel, a highly responsive approach to managing the many deliverables required by NCQA, and proven tools and services including:

NCQA Population Health Program Accreditation

NCQA Population Health Program Accreditation helps organizations align their operations with the industry’s best population health management practices. Having a solid population health strategy reassures organizations and employers that they can monitor and address opportunities and challenges in their populations.

NCQA’s standards provide a framework for organizations to standardize care, become more efficient and manage complex needs better. This helps keep members healthier, reduces risks and prevents unnecessary costs from poor care management.

The NCQA Population Health Program evaluates organizations in these key areas:

HealthTeamWorks’ population health program development consultative approach and our Essentials of Care Manager Training align with these key areas. Contact us for support in developing your population health model and planning for infrastructure implementation.

Our team is here to help your health care organization achieve NCQA accreditation with ease and confidence.

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