Priscilla Gilbert


CHC Training Program Faculty, Wellness Program Coordinator

Priscilla Gilbert is a trained and certified health and wellness coach and wellness program coordinator. In this role, Priscilla works with small businesses in developing employee wellness programs, presenting wellness topics and providing individual health coaching. Priscilla serves as a faculty member for HealthTeamWorks’ Clinical Health Coach® Training Program, where she assists in instruction on health coaching techniques.

She also served as a consultant to Iowa Chronic Care Consortium for community programs and initiatives that were involved in developing community health assessments and using individual health risk assessments (HRAs) to determine the health status of a community or group.

Previously, Priscilla was Membership Manager with the Wellness Council of Iowa where she also served as project manager for the Modeling Wellness for Youth Program. The program involved conducting health risk assessments and developing physical activity and nutrition programs for youth in five school districts. Priscilla’s education is in health promotion and elementary and special education.


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