Deborah H. Thompson



- DHT Consulting & Training

Deborah Thompson has a professional background and passion for public health practice and especially as it relates to community and population health. She believes that prevention of disease and injury is a critical tool for life long happiness and prosperity.

Deborah worked for Iowa’s state health department for over 7 years and also worked in the health care sector for a short time. Presently, she owns DHT Consulting & Training, a consulting, training and project management business that serves organizations in the public health and health care sectors. Her purpose is to support impactful and mission driven work by using her commanding knowledge of government affairs, advocacy strategies, communications techniques and facilitation and project management to increase the bandwidth of community leaders in the nonprofit, government, academic, public health and healthcare sectors.

To Deborah, community health workers are an important tool for building trust. People need to trust the information that’s coming to them about their health and well-being. More importantly, it needs to be information that is correct and backed by expertise. Deborah knows that a well-trained Community Health Workder meet these needs at an individual level and at the community level.

She lives in Urbandale, Iowa with her son Lincoln who is in second grade. She enjoys gardening, yoga and podcasts.


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