Callen Willows

Program Coordinator

- HealthTeamWorks

Callen Willows began his career in the nonprofit sector as a Customer Service Representative at the Starfish Project Foundation in Olathe, KS. During his time there, he was responsible for managing donations, connecting clients to community resources, and supporting with administrative tasks.

In August 2023, Callen joined HealthTeamWorks as a Nonprofit Intern and has since been promoted to the role of Program Coordinator. In his current role, Callen provides support to delivery teams with content development, technical assistance, customer service, and administrative tasks.

While Callen’s background in a nonprofit organization has provided him with valuable experience, it is his personal experience as a trans person navigating healthcare over the last 8 years that has fueled his passion for activism and desire to transform our medical systems. Callen is committed to using his voice to uplift trans experiences and educate others about the barriers that LGBT+ individuals face when trying to access basic healthcare.


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