Amber D. Smith


Founder and CEO

- Smith, Brown & Associates

Amber D. Smith, M.ED, PMP is the project manager for the KC Health Equity Learning and Action Network at KC Health Collaborative since 2021. Amber is an access creator, equity enthusiast, and innovative strategic project management professional with over 20 years of leadership experience in education, non-profit leadership, and human capital development.

Amber is a multi-hyphenate mom, farmer, Zumba enthusiast, and anomalous algorithm. She loves learning and has a natural tendency to inquire and investigate whatever piques her interest. At her core, she is an access creator. Often believing that it wasn’t or isn’t an opportunity or ability that many are excluded from—it’s access. Access to knowledge, growth, and ultimately, what we define as opportunity. Having been an “only” only Black, only female, only stem, only first-gen, etc., in conjunction with how her parents raised her, grounded her in knowing that she sits where she sits because of Jesus, diligent parents, a relentless village, and frankly, because it was destined to be so. As a result, she places high value on access creation, co-creating inclusive liberatory spaces, and deconstructing archaic oppressive systems.


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