Care Management coaching and training drives population health strategies.

HealthTeamWorks is Your Population Health Partner

HealthTeamWorks’ Proven Strategies Help Clinicians Identify and Address Population Health Needs

Approaching health from a population perspective requires making a commitment to understanding and acting on the health and social factors that affect health. An essential piece of successful Population Health Infrastructure is Care Management. We offer a number of services to support you in building effective Care Management skills to drive population health. We deploy experienced coaches to equip clinicians with the tools to build population health infrastructure. The benefits include infrastructure investment planning, data-informed staffing, workforce development, and care team integration – all keys to successfully identifying and addressing population health needs.

Elevate the episodic and longitudinal foundations already built by helping clinicians:

  • Work effectively with vulnerable and high-risk populations.
  • Integrate and manage interdisciplinary care teams using a customized approach.
  • Build community networks to meet population needs.
  • Demonstrate the value of Care Management programs through realized successes.
Where Our Approach Is Inclusive.

The HealthTeamWorks’ approach is simple.

  • We define strategic measures of success. This includes resource allocation based on the patient population of the community.
  • We lead you through the process of aligning technical and adaptive workflows. We incorporate infrastructure design based on the identified needs of the population, including social determinants of health, and define key outcomes.
  • We prepare your team for implementation by equipping them with specific processes and workflows to meet population health needs.

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