Our Initiatives

We solve complex health care problems while meeting emerging challenges.

Strategic Focus Areas

Alternative Payment Model Success

  • Provide thought
    leadership and relevant solutions for current and future APM challenges
  • Collaborate on APM advocacy
  • Develop Value Based Care Toolkit
  • Follow and disseminate Regional APM Trends

Foster Resilience in Primary Care & Behavioral Health

  • Expand the evidence base and living navigable Interactive Change Package (ICP)
  • Extrapolate outcomes based on lead measure performance
  • Advance Primary Care and Behavioral Health Workforce Readiness
  • Support Culturally Responsive Care

Bridge Clinical, Public Health & Communities

  • Amplify patient, family and community voices
  • Catalyze change across collaborators
  • Position services beyond health care
  • Activate Primary Care through Population Health, Whole-Person Care and Collaborative Network Development

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