Clinical Health Coaching transforms the conversation between care teams and patients to maximize engagement.

Why Clinical Health Coaching?

Clinical Health Coach® Training Improves Quality Care Delivery Throughout a Patient’s Care Journey

Clinical Health Coaching has emerged from the experience of training hundreds of healthcare professionals across the country, and it’s offered on a totally virtual platform.

What is Clinical Health Coaching?

Industry studies reveal that highly engaged patients who have chronic conditions are more likely to succeed in their treatment plans, perform regular self-monitoring at home, and obtain regular chronic care.

A Clinical Health Coach® partners with patients to achieve successful outcomes that make a pronounced impact. They build trusted patient relationships that, in turn, foster behavioral changes based on the patient’s expressed interests along their care journey.

Clinical Health Coach® Training equips health professionals with specific skill sets to change patient behaviors, build patients’ self-care skills, and improve accountability. As for nurses, medical assistants, physicians, pharmacists, dietitians, and social workers, they develop key skills to effectively engage with patients and provide motivation to help them meet their expressed care goals.

How Will Clinical Health Coaching Impact Your Organization?

Clinical Health Coaching focuses on building trusted relationships that set up an effective, coordinated, and patient-focused care plan—underscored by patient voice.

Clinical Health Coach talking with a patient

Improves staff efficiency through conversations that are intentional, guided, and effective in brief time increments.

Clinical Health Coach talking with a patient and a family member

Supports key activities in patient and family engagement.

A person typing on a computer. The computer screen shows check marks for completing standards and documents.

Facilitates improvement standards to achieve medical home recognition.

A person typing on a computer. Next to a laptop is a statoscope and a billing document.

Aligns with billing codes for annual wellness visits, chronic care management, advanced care planning, behavioral health integration, care coordination, and other care models that are payer- or state-specific.

Amplifying Patient Voice Inspires Patient Activation, Improves Patient Outcomes, Centers Patient-Focused Care

How this benefits you is that Clinical Health Coach® Online and v-Fusion Trainings “transform the conversation” between care teams and patients to maximize trust and engagement.

Understanding the patient’s needs and propensities—what truly motivates them—enables care teams to focus care where it matters. This activates a patient’s self-management and health promotion behaviors to improve health outcomes.

Value-based care entails controlling costs and achieving quality care improvements. Achieving these goals requires motivating and supporting activated patients, who become a vital part of their care team.

Clinical Health Coaches help achieve success in value-based payments, which require high-quality, person-focused care. Quality and outcome-driven care teams, focused care coordination, and holistic patient engagement are proven strategies for persevering in a value-based payment model.

Clinical Health Coach® Online and v-Fusion Training helps busy practitioners effectively respond to an entire population of patients, even those with chronic conditions.

It also helps care teams effectively maximize the brief time they have with patients to equip them with tools to self manage the 98% of care that takes place outside of the provider setting.

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