The Community Health Worker workforce is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the U.S.

CHW Professional Skills Training

CHW Professional Skills Training Delivers 5 Recorded Trainings on Demand

This skills-based course includes five courses covering the following topics:

Course 1: Introduction to Community Health Work: The Big Picture

  • Module 1: The Role of Community Health Workers
  • Module 2: The Evolution of the Community Health Worker
  • Module 3: Introduction to Public Health
  • Module 4: Healthcare and Health Policy
  • Module 5: Health Equity for All

Course 2: Core Competencies for Providing Direct Services

  • Module 6: Cultural Humility, Implicit Bias, Gender Issues, Disability Etiquette
  • Module 7: Guiding Principles for Community Health Workers
  • Module 8: Conducting Client-Centered Interviews

Course 3: Enhancing Client Interactions

  • Module 9: Client-Centered Counseling for Behavior Change
  • Module 10: Care Management
  • Module 11: Home Visiting

Course 4: Enhancing Professional Skills

  • Module 12: Stress Management and Self Care
  • Module 13: Conflict Resolution
  • Module 14: CHW Professional Skills

Course 5: Applying Core Competencies to Key Health Issues

  • Module 15: Chronic Conditions Management
  • Module 16: Promoting Healthy Eating and Active Living
  • Module 17: Understanding Trauma and Supporting the Recovery of Survivors
  • Module 18: Health Outreach and Navigating Community-Based Resources
  • Module 19: Managing COVID Response and Recovery
  • Module 20: Evaluation and Research

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To learn more about CHW Professional Skills Training or CHW Registered Apprenticeship, contact Deb Kazmerzak at [email protected] or 515.554.3788.

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