HealthTeamWorks’ Care Management series help you adequately address population health infrastructure needs.

Care Management Training Enables Targeted Interventions to Meet Quality Objectives

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Effective care management is a key driver to quality care, lower costs, and increased patient and provider satisfaction. At HealthTeamWorks we've learned that a dedicated resource for care management allows for targeted interventions to accelerate cost and quality objectives. In this training, Care Managers will acquire skills for integrating into the care team, establishing and implementing care management processes, tools, and resources, and educating and activating patients to adequately address their health care needs.

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Essentials of Care Management: In this training, care managers gain skills to integrate into the care team, implement key processes, and activate patients to adequately address their health care needs. Learn more.

Intermediate Care Management: Our trainers help experienced care managers to work with high- and rising-risk populations, integrate and manage interdisciplinary care teams, build team and organization networks to meet population health needs, and demonstrate the value of care management programs. Learn more.

Leading Care Management: Customized to align with organizational priorities, this covers the importance of a population health strategy and care management infrastructure. Topics range from gaining consensus across leaders on measures of success to defining resourcing for seamless, integrated care. Learn more.

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