Why Join the Solutions Center?

HealthTeamWorks Solutions Center is a collaborative community for sharing and creating healthcare transformation solutions. As a member of the Solutions Center, you are a part of a learning community where you can collaborate asynchronously with your peers across the country. Membership in the Solutions Center provides you resources to work smarter, enhance quality and performance improvement, and the ability to interact with peers. As you engage with the materials, we ask that you test and validate the effectiveness of the tools and resources, as well as be a part of the process to identify and develop resources that benefit you.

These materials stemmed from our more than 20 years of healthcare transformation experience and listening to our practices about what they needed to drive change.  Performance improvement is one of the key reasons individuals become members. To this end, the Solutions Center’s primary focus is to provide not only the resources to improve your work and health team, but a platform to connect with those who have overcome barriers and challenges, developed best practices, and created innovative processes.

For more information about the Solutions Center, contact us at [email protected].