Advanced Healthcare Professional Training

A recent study from Business News Daily shows companies lose almost one-quarter of all new employees within a year. They suggest companies look at factors such as underfunded on-boarding programs and a lack of training and mentoring to understand why they are losing employees.

In this training, participants identify professional development goals that enhance their leadership and professional skills, with direct and immediate impact to their workplace.

Training Details

Each of the four full-day sessions focus on the application of a specific competency. The training also includes a mentoring component to support each learner’s priorities to be more effective in their professional role. Using our specially trained faculty and advanced healthcare professional faculty members, sessions occur one month apart to allow learners to integrate their knowledge and skills step-by-step. Each in-person session includes learners updating their professional development plan to bring back to their manager.

Participant Feedback

"[The training] helps you take a step back in your daily work, makes you think about where you are in your career and how to be more professional, assess how you commonly act and react to situations to be better."

- Jasmine B.


Examples of practice-based changes for prior participants

As a direct result of the training program,

Action: A Medical Assistant manager in a large system began initiating monthly one-on-one meetings with team members to address professional development and proactively problem-solve concerns.

Result: This change led to a noticeable decrease in turnover for the practice.

Problem: Two training participants from a multi-site health center noticed a discrepancy in the efficiency and workflows between locations.

Action: Both developed clear job descriptions and formal policies and procedures for front and back office staff. The practice administrator reported that staff now know and understand duties.

Result: When providers rotate across sites, they can expect the same tasks from all staff, decreasing confusion and frustration.

Customize to Fit Your Needs!

The Advanced HCP training can be customized for your needs and delivered in whole or part based on your learners. Custom versions may include:

  • Training exclusively within a system or group’s practices or for a sponsor’s membership
  • An adapted and customized training exclusively for a system, group or sponsor’s learners
  • Dividing the content into smaller modules delivered over a longer time to fit existing training schedules
  • Aligning the content with existing training content of a group, system or sponsor
  • A train-the-trainer approach

Roles Ideal for this Program

  • Medical Assistants
  • Licensed Nurses
  • Front Desk Staff


10-20 participants: $850 per person

What Is Covered

  • 4 days of training; delivered one day per month each day up to 8-hours, including lunch and breaks
  • One training faculty member for 10 participants and two faculty members for 20 participants
  • Training binders and materials
  • Standard curriculum delivered as specified (Customized curriculum requests will be priced accordingly)
  • Custom agenda development & support, as needed

Sponsor/Facility Provides

  • Advanced Healthcare Professional faculty member from participating practices to serve as co-faculty
  • Registration support
  • Venue
  • Food & refreshments
  • A/V support
  • Standard training supplies (training supply checklist provided upon request)
  • Travel & accommodations (billed separately up to $1700 maximum for 10 participants and $3400 maximum for 20 participants)


HealthTeamWorks practice facilitator trainings started in 2010 and have evolved into a nationally recognized program. The learning experience is enhanced by the opportunity to learn from, shadow and network with our experienced trainers. Graduates report that our programs increase their confidence to support practices on their transformation journey.

Join us in changing the healthcare delivery system one provider at a time, contact us to learn more about our different offerings, including custom trainings for your health team.

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