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Primary Care Reform Effort Showing Improved Care Delivery

Monday April 18, 2016 comments

A new report released last week assesses the two-year results of the Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) initiative and shows that practices are getting better at assessing their patients risk of future health problems and delivered more proactive care to high-risk patients to reduce preventable readmissions and improve self-care and medication management. HealthTeamWorks delivers practice transformation services to 59 primary care practices in Colorado for CPC, and were extremely proud to be part of this effort to improve care... Read More

CMS Launched CPC+, its largest investment in primary care yet

Monday April 11, 2016 comments

Breaking now: CMS today announced the launch of its largest investment in advanced primary care transformation to date: the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) model, an evolution of the original CPC initiative which is scheduled to end later this year. CPC+ launches in 2017 and represents the next step in advanced primary care for both care delivery and payment design. HealthTeamWorks is excited to participate in this next phase of healthcare delivery transformation! Read more here . ... Read More

CDC’s Opioid Prescribing Guidelines – Primary Care Perspective with Joseph Gregory, M.D.

Wednesday April 6, 2016 comments

HealthTeamWorks recently caught up with Dr. Joseph Gregory, Regional Medical Director at Banner Health, for a candid conversation about the CDCs newly released guidelines recommending reductions in opioid prescribing. Following is his perspective on opioid use in primary care. HealthTeamWorks : What trends have you noted in primary care regarding the current level of opioid use to treat chronic pain? Dr. Gregory : I have certainly noticed more frequent use of opioid pain medications for chronic pain management. This is an... Read More

HIPAA audits are coming – check your spam folder!

Monday April 4, 2016 comments

Its been almost 15 years since Congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which provides national standards to protect the privacy of U.S. citizens personal health information. While most healthcare facilities and physician practices are doing their best to keep patient health data private and secure, the harsh reality is that many are in violation of one or more HIPAA regulations.Robert Tennant is a senior policy adviser at the Medical Group Management Association who studies the effects of emerging... Read More

RN Navigators reduce admissions rates

Saturday March 26, 2016 comments

HealthTeamWorks client Colorado Springs Health Partners Rockrimmon effectively addressed rising admissions and readmissions rates by embedding an RN Navigator/Care Manager into their practice. Practice data shows that as Navigator contacts increased, admissions rates decreased. Just another great example of transition of care coordination improving patient outcomes. Read more here . ... Read More

Current Opportunities for Practice Transformation Support

Thursday March 10, 2016 comments

Colorado is a national leader in healthcare innovation. The state is among the nations leading awardees of funding support to transform clinical practice and achieve the Quadruple Aim improving quality of care, reducing per-capita cost of care, improving patient and family experience of care, and improving provider experience of delivering care. Currently, HealthTeamWorks is participating in several statewide practice transformation and healthcare innovation initiatives as a Practice Transformation Organization (PTO). These... Read More

Colorado Springs Health Partners Reduces ED Use with Co-located Primary and Urgent Care

Monday March 7, 2016 comments

In Q2 2014, HealthTeamWorks client Colorado Spring Health Partners (CSHP) Roundtree opened a new urgent care facility co-located with their existing primary care to address rising rates of ED usage.The results were impressive. From Q2 2014 to Q2 2015, the number of CSHP patients using the ED dropped from 607 to 579 per thousand, and cost per patient per month dropped from $34 to $18.Read morehereabout how this practice used data analytics to innovate and drive cost savings. ... Read More

Colorado Builds on Solid PCMH Foundation to Achieve Quadruple Aim Success

Tuesday March 1, 2016 comments

Check out this article from HealthTeamWorks CEO Burt Miuccio highlighting PCMH successes and lessons learned during our 20 year history of providing practice transformation services in Colorado and across the nation. Read morehere. ... Read More

Bert Miuccio Addresses PCPCC Executive Members on Colorado’s PCMH Successes

Thursday February 25, 2016 comments

The Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) recently extended their thanks to impressive state leaders from Colorado who are demonstrating how multi-payer collaboratives drive change. Bert Miuccio, CEO of HealthTeamWorks, and Vatsala Parthy, Director of Colorados State Innovation Model (SIM), shared their valuable insight on February 23 during PCPCCCs monthly executive member briefingwebinar providing the inside scoop from one of the nations leading states in multi-payer PCMH innovations. Read more here . ... Read More

Spotlighting Success in Practice Transformation

Tuesday February 16, 2016 comments

UC Health Timberline Medical, one of HealthTeamWorks Colorado CPC clients, credits four tactics for decreasing its ACSC admissions by an impressive 63% and its risk-adjusted expenditures by 2.5%.See how this practice demonstrates that the role of a care manager is not just for patients, but for providers as well.And, they prove data transparency deepens everyones engagement in improving patient care, whilespreading tasks across teams ensures accountability. Clickhereto read more, and well doneUC Health Timberline! ... Read More