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Where Do You Go for Answers?

Tuesday August 15, 2017 comments

by Kristen A. Stine, MSOD, Learning and Diffusion Manager We all have at least one person we go to when we need help or when we need to talk through an idea, dont we? Im lucky to have an entire team of people here at HealthTeamWorks. And they are getting an earful of questions from me and from our clients. There is so much change happening right now, its difficult to know where to start. HealthTeamWorks can help. To do so, we have developed the HealthTeamWorks Solutions Center, Your Go To for How To . The... Read More

Collaborating for Sustainable Change: Technical vs. Adaptive Work

Tuesday August 15, 2017 comments

by Kristen A. Stine, MSOD,Learning and Diffusion Manager According to Heraclitus, The only thing that is constant is change. The healthcare industry has been proving this hypothesis over the past few years, and it appears there are more changes to come. Change is hard, lets be honest. Or more accurately, change is complex, especially transformational change. As we move toward value-based payment models, transformational change requires intentional systemic changes to move the organization to a culture of continuous quality... Read More

Making the Shift to Aligned Transformation Efforts: Evidence of Success

Tuesday August 15, 2017 comments

by Jaclyn King, MSW, CCE, Practice Facilitator Since HealthTeamWorks was founded more than 20 years ago, we have helped practice achieve measurable results and highest quality of care. Anyone working in healthcare knows the game has shifted. The Problem: As practices and health systems we need to shift our perspective from looking at quality reporting in silos, such as NCQA PCMH v. CPC+ v. MIPS to the collective and aligning the transformation efforts to achieve the biggest bang for the change. Some of the... Read More

CEO Welcome: Embrace the Future of Healthcare–Your Go To for How To

Tuesday August 15, 2017 comments

by Bert Muiccio In this section, I typically talk about industry trends but today, I want to share a new offering that we have been working on: the HealthTeamWorks Solutions Center, Your Go To For How To . My time at HealthTeamWorks has been spent on innovation and anticipation and providing practices and networks the best path forward on their transformation journey. The Solutions Center is more than a new offering: it is an extended, more accessible, collaborative version of the work we are already doing. More on about... Read More

A letter from Tom Dameron, the new HealthTeamWorks Board Chairperson

Tuesday August 15, 2017 comments

by Tom Dameron, HealthTeamWorks Board Chairperson I am both honored and excited to be the newly elected HealthTeamWorks Board Chairperson. I am HONORED because of the impressive progress HealthTeamWorks has already made toward helping advanced primary care physicians (PCPs) deliver on the quadruple aim of better population health, better patient experience, better physician vitality and better per capita health care cost. It truly takes a village of wise and engaged people to facilitate these important outcomes . Kudos to... Read More

There Is Only One Way…Forward

Tuesday June 27, 2017 comments

By Bert Miuccio A few weeks ago the House passed an untenable Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA) plan on to the Senate. Now the Administration and GOP leaders are hurriedly recrafting the bill with hope of a scheduling Senate vote on it in July so they can move forward with the rest of the GOP administrations agenda. Today we still dont know what the replacement to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will actually be and how long the process of enacting it will take. We will not know even what its impact will be on Americans, medical... Read More

Real-time solutions: Advanced Healthcare Professional Training

Tuesday June 27, 2017 comments

by Jaclyn King Changes are ripe in healthcare. With the alphabet soup of MACRA, QPP, CPC+ and potential ACA changes, practices are being asked to do more and transform their work. Since the 1960s the term team-based care has been floating around healthcare and yet the solution requires front line staff to have skills that are not taught in school, thus increasing the cost for practices to train on the job. And HealthTeamWorks has a proven solution. Enhance the professional and personal skills and competencies of the care team... Read More

Three Reasons Why….. Primary Care Practices Should Engage in Federally Sponsored Transformation Initiatives

Tuesday June 27, 2017 comments

by Emilie Buscaj, MPH, PCMH CCE,Client Engagement Manager Primary care practices across the nation are actively engaging in Federally sponsored transformation initiatives to test models of care that improve health outcomes in their patient populations, including the State Innovation Model , the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative , and Comprehensive Primary Care Plus among others. Practices are no longer pioneering transformation, they are partnering and collaborating as they move towards value-based care. Each... Read More

HealthTeamWorks Welcomes New Medical Director

By: rnickerson Tuesday June 27, 2017 comments

HealthTeamWorks is pleased to announce and welcome David Ehrenberger, MD., as Chief Medical Officer, a new role at the organization. As a member of the executive team, Dr. Ehrenberger will share responsibility for the continued expansion of the companys current core services, including Practice Network Transformation solutions, Training programs, and a membership Solutions Center. He will also be on the frontlines of providing consulting services to clients. As we leverage the companys reputation for providing practice and network... Read More

Network Transformation

Tuesday June 27, 2017 comments

Integration and coordination are the name of the game as we move into alternative payment models and regional accountability. A once siloed and fragmented healthcare system is acknowledging the importance of comprehensive coordinated care across settings, and in many cases forming clinically integrated networks (CIN). High performing networks and their ability to innovate and collaborate, greatly benefit patients and families. While many practices remain independent, payment models that base bonuses and penalties on cost, quality,... Read More