Legislative initiatives such as MACRA, new payment models from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and multi-payer reform initiatives are all driving physician groups and the networks they operate within to closely examine their clinical and financial performance, which are foundational to their future success and sustainability. As healthcare organizations experience increasing momentum toward value-based payment models, clinically-integrated networks and physician groups need to develop their capacity to manage the health and healthcare of their patient populations under value-based payment contracts.

A comprehensive evaluation of technology, system delivery processes and structures is vital to the performance improvement process. HealthTeamWorks’ new Value-Driven Integration Evaluation offers a journey of self-discovery and highly detailed understanding of  your organization’s current performance and transition toward a strong value-based healthcare delivery model, and also provides actionable steps to move your organization forward.

The Value-Driven Integration Evaluation includes assessment of the following:

  • Financial performance analysis of fee-for-service and value-based contracts
  • System leadership structure and organization
  • Physician/Provider group structure and organization
  • Change management and quality improvement management
  • Relationships between physician/provider network (primary care and other sub-specialty)
  • Relationships with other healthcare entities used by the patient population
  • System knowledge of the patient population
  • Team efficiency and accountability
  • Care management and care coordination
  • Information integration for effective care coordination
  • Technology optimization and data integration

Why work with HealthTeamWorks?

HealthTeamWorks brings over 15 years of proven leadership, cultural  and practice and network transformation expertise to the evaluation and transformation approach. We provide an emphasis on collaboration and engagement that is often missing in traditional consulting relationships.

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