The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) designed its recognition process for the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) to help practices define the standards for PCMH structure and articulate the necessary change processes. Many practices and organizations choose to evolve into PCMHs to capitalize on opportunities for compensation, as several private payers and state Medicaid programs recognize and reward medical homes through care coordination fees, increased payment for evaluation and management services, or quality and outcome bonuses. Process changes must take place for workflow and increased efficiency, but culture change also is pivotal, including:

  • A transition from physician-oriented focus to a patient-centric focus
  • Activating patients’ engagement with their health and wellness
  • Establishing the primary care provider as a first point of contact for care

Adoption of this model requires visionary leadership, communication with and education of the staff, management of the practice’s entire patient population and, most importantly, the ability to manage change as a team. Our NCQA-PCMH Certified Content Experts guide this transformation, regardless of a practice’s starting point. HealthTeamWorks is uniquely qualified to offer a specially designed learning series for practices and organizations interested in pursuing NCQA recognition.

The PCMH Recognition Learning Program includes:

  • A full application review gap analysis to build the groundwork for the application and PCMH practice transformation. This analysis creates the foundational understanding of what it takes to transform to the model of patient-centered care.
  • NCQA webinar series, consisting of webinars delivered over a nine- to eighteen-week period of time.  Our webinars provide in-depth descriptions of the requirements for NCQA recognition and a review of documentation examples, as well as how the recognition process provides the practice opportunity for developing systems structures and processes to promote transformation to the patient-centered model of care.
  • Phone consultations for participants
  • Note: As an additional benefit and for a separate fee, HealthTeamWorks will make consultation time available from a NCQA-PCMH Certified Content Expert to review your practice application and all supporting documentation prior to submission to NCQA. 

For more information, please contact us.