The Financial Performance Optimization (FPO) service partners HealthTeamWorks specialists with your practice team to identify strengths, opportunities and priorities necessary for financial success both under your current fee-for-service contracts and the value-based payment models that are the future of our industry. This collaborative approach ensures ongoing, actionable, sustainable and scalable financial performance improvement in your practice.

HealthTeamWorks takes a strategically different approach to optimizing practice financial performance – we combine industry-standard financial analysis techniques with our pioneering expertise in clinical performance improvement to help practices maximize reimbursements under existing contracts and optimize workflows to continuously improve quality outcomes and financial performance.

The HealthTeamWorks approach builds on your practice culture, strategy, and the needs of your patients to help your practice thrive in the current blended payment environment and succeed in a future value-based payment environments.

The FPO service includes assessment of the following:

  • Practice structure and organization
  • Payer contract analysis
  • Financial performance management
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Cost of patient care
  • Process assessment
  • Cost accounting
  • Team efficiency and accountability
  • Care management, care coordination and attribution management
  • Information integration for effective care coordination
  • Technology optimization and data integration

With our deep knowledge and expertise in practice improvement, HealthTeamWorks can effectively and objectively partner with your organization to facilitate a process of building on your practice strengths, experience and knowledge to identify key opportunities and an effective approach to improve both patient outcomes and practice profitability.

Why work with HealthTeamWorks?

HealthTeamWorks brings over 15 years of proven leadership, cultural and practice and network transformation expertise to the evaluation and transformation approach. We provide an emphasis on collaboration and engagement that is often missing in traditional consulting relationships.

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