HealthTeamWorks was launched in 1996 as the Colorado Clinical Guidelines Collaborative (CCGC). Our mission in those early days was to effectively consolidate and standardize the multiple and often conflicting clinical guidelines issued by health plans, medical societies and government and private agencies. We are still well-known for our guidelines work today, and please Contact us  for information regarding updated guidelines.

htw-work-across-the-nation2-smallIn 2009, HealthTeamWorks emerged as a pioneer in the new Patient-Centered Medical Home movement and began delivering clinical practice transformation programs in Colorado and across the nation. In 2010, we changed our name to HealthTeamWorks to reflect our evolving purpose and mission. Around this time we also launched our national training institute and began training practice improvement facilitators to drive sustainable quality improvement within their own healthcare organizations.

Today, we are actively evolving our vision, services and training programs to leverage our established expertise in systems transformation in order to reimagine and innovate our current approaches to care delivery. As healthcare payment reform accelerates in 2016 and beyond, we are building upon lessons learned in clinical transformation to provide individual practices with new tools to continuously improve their clinical, financial and business performance.  For clients in larger, integrated delivery networks, we provide new resources and services to help them transition successfully from fee-for-service payment models to the new reality of value-based performance.

We’ll also be convening stakeholders and fostering collaboration to increasingly drive a community-based approach that closely integrates clinical practice and social services to achieve a more holistic approach to improving care; that is, one which is population health-driven, community-based and patient-centered.