HealthTeamWorks New Training Offerings

Bert Miuccio
Chief Executive Officer

I am excited to share with you our expanded workforce development trainings and workshops. Over the past few months, our training team has been busy not only providing a series of trainings, but they have also been cooking up exciting new offerings for 2018. […]

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Training Is Not Just an Event

Kristen Stine
Learning and Diffusion Manager

If you’ve spent any time in your career as a trainer, you’ve heard the words: “It’s a training issue”.  More often than not, it’s not a training issue, but something else.

There is a misconception that attending a training event or activity will resolve performance issues or magically transform an employee’s skills or competencies. In fact, the training event is only the beginning. […]

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Are you leaving money on the table because you missed a quality measure? Tool for success: CQM Prioritization Tool

BJ Dempsey
Practice Facilitator, CPC+ Eastern Colorado Region

Jennifer Boaz, MHA, BSN, RN, PCMH CCE
Healthcare Learning Faculty and Clinical Health Information Technology Advisor

Jennifer Miller
Healthcare Learning Faculty

To prepare for the shift to pay-for-performance, many primary care practices are participating in formal quality improvement initiatives. Each of these initiatives requires clinical quality measure reporting. Many payers require reporting on selected clinical quality measures too. Practices are reporting burnout associated with these increased demands and limited resources. A solution to alleviate some of the burden is by proactively identifying overlap in CQMs. […]

The 101 Wrap Up: Successes and Lessons Learned from Performance Facilitation 101 Training

Heather Walker
Learning Experience Designer

In July 2011 HealthTeamWorks began training Quality Improvement Coaches, Practice Facilitators, and Practice Managers in methods of successful practice facilitation using principles of Quality Improvement. Since then, we have hosted over 200 participants from healthcare practices and systems from around the country. […]

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Let’s Do This Together: The Importance of Collaborative Learning

Kristi Bohling-DaMetz, RN, BSN, MBA
Chief Strategy Officer

Keeping pace with the many changes in healthcare can be overwhelming. Having connections to people with visibility to trends and best practices across many regions, as well as to peers applying solutions in real time, can greatly accelerate change. Interacting and collaborating as part of a cross-functional learning community gets to practicality and real-time problem solving, even when faced with complex questions like the following: […]

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Leading Change in Pediatrics: Successes and Key Lessons in the Better Care, Better Costs, Better Colorado (BC3) Program

Jaclyn King, MSW, PCMH CCE
Practice Facilitator

Kristin Martina, MSW
Organizational Development Manager

Pediatric practices often receive incomplete coaching in transformation initiatives due to the focus on adult topics and chronic pediatric measures. “Kids are not just young adults” says Anita Rich, CCHAP Director of Community Outreach and HealthTeamWorks’ strategic partner in the BC3 Program. […]

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